No crime of FRUSTRATED rape

Rape is only either attempted or consummated. There can be no frustrated rape. (People vs. Aca-ac, G.R. No. 142500, 20 April 2001, 357 SCRA 373)

"Clearly, in the crime of rape, from the moment the offender has carnal knowledge of his victim, he actually attains his purpose and, from that moment also all the essential elements of the offense have been accomplished. Nothing more is left to be done by the offender, because he has performed the last act necessary to produce the crime. Thus, the felony is consummated. In a long line of cases (People v. Oscar, 48 Phil. 527 (1925); People v. Hernandez, 49 Phil. 980 (1925); People v. Royeras, 56 SCRA 666 (1974); People v. Amores, 58 SCRA 505 (1974)), we have set the uniform rule that for the consummation of rape, perfect penetration is not essential.Any penetration of the female organ by the male organ is sufficient. Entry [into] the labia or lips of the female organ, without rupture of the hymen or laceration of the vagina, is sufficient to warrant conviction. Necessarily, rape is attempted if there is no penetration of the female organ (People v. Tayaba, 62 Phil. 559 (1935); People v. Rabadan and Olaybar, 53 Phil. 694 (1927); United States v. Garcia, 9 Phil. 434 (1907)) because not all acts of execution were performed. The offender merely commenced the commission of a felony directly by overt acts. Taking into account the nature, elements, and manner of execution of the crime of rape and jurisprudence on the matter, it is hardly conceivable how the frustrated stage in rape can ever be committed."