Loss or Unlawful Deprivation of a Movable

The possession of movable property acquired in good faith is equivalent to a title. Nevertheless, one who has lost any movable or has been unlawfully deprived thereof, may recover it from the person in prosecution of the same.

If the possessor of a movable loss or of which the owner has been unlawfully deprived, has acquired it in good faith at a public sale, the owner cannot obtain its return without reimbursing the price paid therefor. (Art. 559)
“Presumptive title” - De Garcia v. CA, 345 SCRA 129

The owner cannot recover, even if he offers to reimburse, If the possessor had acquired it in good faith by purchase from a merchant’s store, or in fairs or markets in accordance with the Code of Commerce and special laws. (Art. 1505 [3]).

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