What is parental responsibility?

"Parental responsibility" with respect to their minor children shall refer to the rights and duties of the parents as defined in Article 220 of Executive Order No. 209, as amended, otherwise known as the "Family Code of the Philippines." They are enumerated below:

[1] To keep them in their company, to support, educate and instruct them by right precept and good example and to provide for their upbringing in keeping with their means;
[2] To give them love and affection, advice and counsel, companionship and understanding;
[3] To provide them with moral and spiritual guidance, inculcate in them honesty, integrity, self-discipline, self-reliance, industry and thrift, stimulate their interest in civic affairs, and inspire in them compliance with the duties of citizenship;
[4] To furnish them with good and wholesome educational materials, supervise their activities, recreation and association with others, protect them from bad company, and prevent them from acquiring habits detrimental to their health, studies and morals;
[5] To represent them in all matters affecting their interest;
[6] To demand from them respect and obedience;
[7] To Impose discipline on them as may be required under the circumstances; and
[8] To perform such other duties as are imposed by law and upon parents and guardians.

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