If admin. complaint against judge utterly baseless, should be DISMISSED

Now, as already mentioned (in the opening paragraph of this judgment), G.R. No. 97556 (Damaso S. Flores v. Court of Appeals [13th Division] and Rolando Ligon) and G.R. No. 101152 (Damaso S. Flores v. Court of Appeals [Former Special Fifth Division); Hon. Bernardo P. Abesamis, as Presiding Judge of RTC of Quezon City, Branch 85; Hon. Manuela A. Florendo as Ex-Officio Sheriff of Quezon City; and Rolando R. Ligon) were consolidated and thereafter jointly decided on July 29, 1996 by this Courts First Division. The petitions in said cases were pronounced without merit and accordingly DISMISSED. Among other things, the Court made the following pertinent pronouncements (parenthetical insertions being supplied): The facts of these cases may seem almost unseemly, unreasonably complicated, and unbearably tedious, but the fact of the matter is that the crux of the controversy is simple enough: the legality of the non-reversion to petitioner (Flores) of the Paraaque Cockpit Stadium. And, on this kernel issue, we sustain the view and so hold that the Court of Appeals correctly affirmed the court a quo's ruling finding petitioners right to possess the said stadium under CA-G.R. SP No. 09061 to be inefficacious and invalidated by private respondents (Ligons) substantial right as absolute owner to possess the said stadium. Finally, as to the matter of the legality and propriety of the denial by the court a quo of petitioners motion for Judge Abesamis to inhibit himself in the trial court proceedings as he is imputed to be biased and prejudiced against petitioner who has filed numerous administrative complaints against the said judge, we find petitioners imputations to be patently without basis. ***. It is immediately apparent from the foregoing extended recitation of the facts that the charges now leveled against Judge (now Deputy Court Administrator) Abesamis are as utterly without foundation as those already rejected by this Court and the Ombudsman, and should be DISMISSED. All the orders rendered by Judge Abesamis (and Judge Regino) branded as improper and anomalous by Flores have, upon due review and analysis, been found to be correct, entirely consistent with the relevant facts and applicable legal principles. The Orders of February 16, 1990, April 16, 1990 and June 6, 1990 were all affirmed by the Court of Appeals (CA-G.R. SP No. 22201) as well as this Court (G.R. No. 97556). Judge Abesamis Orders of June 25, 1990 and December 10, 1990 were also sustained by the Court of Appeals (CA-G.R. SP No. 22881) and this Court (G.R. No. 101152). It is therefore the judgment of this Court: that the complaint against Judge (now Deputy Court Administrator) Bernardo P. Abesamis be DISMISSED for utter lack of merit. [A.M. No. SC-96-1. December 23, 1996]

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