If drawer DEPOSITS to cover DISHONORED check in 3 days, criminal liability escaped

Under Article 315 (2) (d), failure of the drawer of the check to deposit an amount sufficient to cover the check within three days from receipt of notice from the bank and/or payee or holder that said check has been dishonored for lack or insufficiency of funds shall be prima facie evidence of deceit constituting false pretense or fraudulent act. (People vs. Dinglasan, G.R. No. 133645, 17 September 2002, 389 SCRA 71; Flores vs. People, G.R. Nos. 146921-22, 31 January 2002, 375 SCRA 491; People vs. Holzer, G.R. No. 132323, 20 July 2000, 336 SCRA 319)

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