SC: Mother unlikely to shame daughter in RAPE case vs ex-BF

Appellant would instead point to complainants mother Angelina, his paramour, to be the real instigator of the complaint against him, supposedly because she was outraged when appellant broke off their relationship and, consequently, in a fit of jealousy, anger and revenge, she induced her daughter to falsely accuse him of rape. Quite unlikely! No mother would stoop so low as to subject her daughter to shame merely to assuage her own hurt feelings. The sweetheart theory, likewise, should deserve no better treatment. Except for a spurious love letter allegedly sent by the victim, no evidence was adduced to support the claim. Such a letter, even if genuine, could not have been a carte blanche or an open invitation for sexual indulgence. Indeed, had the two really been sweethearts, it would be hard to accept their having chosen a comfort room, rather than a more suitable rendezvous, for their tryst. (G.R. No. 117737; December 27, 1996)

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