Series of acts done pursuant to COMMON unlawful purpose prove conspiracy

The circumstances leading to the commission of the offense indicate that accused-appellants planned and conspired to commit it. Thus, in People vs. Moreno, Jr., this Court stated, thus, "Settled is the rule that conspiracy need not be established by direct evidence, but may be proven through a series fo acts done in pursuance of a common unlawful purpose. In the present case, there are strong evidences which indicate that the accused conspired to commit robbery. And when they did so, and armed themselves for the purpose, no member of the group may disclaim responsibiity for any act of violence that is perpetrated by reason or on occasion or the robbery. Such violence is reasonably expected to happen either to overcome active opposition or to forestall it altogether by disabling the victim at the very onset, or even silence him completely thereafter. [G.R. No. 110100-02. December 11, 1996]