13 times SC mentions "iyot" in jurisprudence

[1] The testimony of prosecution witness Elias delas Alas, a friend of the accused-appellant, merits some serious consideration. In his testimony, delas Alas declared that at around seven o'clock in the morning of March 19, 1989, he met the accused-appellant at Patuco, Sarangani Norte and the latter invited him for a drink. When the accused-appellant paid for a gallon of tuba, delas Alas noticed that the former had some money with him. Knowing that he was not gainfully employed, delas Alas even commented to him in their dialect "kuartahan man lagi ka Bay", meaning "you've got a lot of money, Bay." And to this, the accused-appellant replied, "Naka-iyot na, naka-kuarta pa", meaning, "Not only did I have sex, I even had money." Immediately, delas Alas suspected that accused-appellant had something to do with the robbery and rape committed against Primitiva Salcor. Delas Alas hastened to add that accused-appellant was also involved in theft before the incident in question. (G.R. No. 106769; July 13, 1995; PEOPLE OF THE PHILIPPINES, plaintiff-appellee, vs. ROMEO WEDING alias "OMING", accused-appellant.)

[2] "A Yes sir, there was something [that] happened, I was sexually used (iyot) by Romeo Pagurayan, Jr. sir.
"x x x x x x x x x
The interpretation is sexually used because she said `gin-iyot ako'.
Anyway `iyot' is in Ilongo dialect.
`Iyot' in Ilongo is sexual intercourse.
"Q Where?
"A In my room sir. (G.R. No. 143658; April 17, 2002; THE PEOPLE OF THE PHILIPPINES, plaintiff-appellee, vs. ROMEO PAGURAYAN, JR., accused-appellant.)

[3] Q: Did your father do something to you very bad?
A: Yes, sir.
Q: Can you please tell us what he did to you which is bad?
A: Yes, sir.
Q: What was this thing which he did to you which is very bad?
A: He "iyot" me.
Q: Can you remember when your father made love to you or he "iyot" you?
A: No more.
Q: Can you remember whether it was in the evening or in the morning or in the afternoon when your father made love to you?
A: Morning and noon time. (G.R. No. 123540 March 30, 1999 PEOPLE OF THE PHILIPPINES, plaintiff-appellee, vs. DELFIN AYO y ATO, accused-appellant.)

[4] Fiscal Gacal:
Q Why are you in Court today?
A Because there is a case.
Q Whose case?
A My case.
Q Against whom? If you do not know his name, please point him if he is in Court?
A (no answer)
Q What do you mean when you said you have a case?
A Because I was sexually intercoursed. "Kay gi-iyot man ako."
Fiscal Gacal:
Q Who sexually intercoursed you? (sic)
A It was Jessie.
Q Is this Jessie in court?
A Yes, sir.
Q Where is he, point him?
A (witness pointing to the accused correctly.)
Q Where did he sexually intercoursed you?
A In his house. (G.R. No. 96094-95 November 13, 1991 THE PEOPLE OF THE PHILIPPINES, plaintiff-appellee, vs. JESSIE MAYORAL, accused-appellant.)

[5] Erlinda lighted a gas lamp and immediately went to private complainant's house. At the door of the house Erlinda saw appellant coming out. Appellant recognized Erlinda and ran away. Erlinda found private complainant unconscious on the floor, her private parts bloody and her panty pulled down on one of her legs. Erlinda shook private complainant who regained consciousness. When asked what happened to her, private complainant answered Pinag-iyot-iyot ni Dante. Erlinda then brought private complainant and her younger sister to her house (pp. 9-13, tsn, June 21, 1989). (G.R. No. 90390 October 31, 1990 THE PEOPLE OF THE PHILIPPINES, plaintiff-appellee, vs. RODANTE FELIPE, defendant-appellant.)

[6] Mary Grace testified that Fernan, Mario and Ronald raped her in the fifteen-seater double-tire jeepney. They all smelled of liquor at that time, according to her. It was Mario who raped her first, she said. Mario boxed her on the chest, covered her mouth and held her hands. Mario then removed her panty. Ronald prevented her from going out of the jeepney. Mario removed his pants and raped her. Afterwards, Mary Grace said "Ayaw ko nang magpaiyot". The three refused to let her go and raped her again one after another. She felt pain. She did not tell her Ate Lina (Werlinia) about the incident because she forgot to do so. (G.R. No. 128137 August 2, 2001 PEOPLE OF THE PHILIPPINES, plaintiff-appellee, vs. MARIO HAMTO Y CODERAS, RONALD CUESTA Y OVERO, FERNAN PERVERA (At Large), accused; MARIO HAMTO Y CODERAS, accused-appellant.)
[7] Q Now, this Senoy Erardo whom you pointed, what did he do to you?
A He "iyot" me, Sir.
Q What do you mean by "iyot"?
A "Tusok", Sir.
Q What was "tusok" to you?
A His "titi" penis, Sir.
Q Where were you hit by this "titi" he "tusok" you?
(Interpreter: The witness, your Honor, is pointing to her private organ.)
Q When the accused made "tusok" or penetrated you, how did you feel?
Q I cried, Sir. (G.R. No. 119368 August 18, 1997 PEOPLE OF THE PHILIPPINES, plaintiff-appellee, vs. MARCELINO "Senoy" ERARDO, accused-appellant.)

[8] AAA was born on 26 December 19887 and was only 11 years old when the subject incident took place. Benjie lived in the house of the victim as a helper. In the late afternoon of 5 December 2000, when AAA was going downstairs after she had just closed the windows in the second floor of their house, Benjie suddenly grabbed her arm and immediately covered her mouth using his right hand. Benjie then forcibly dragged her to her room and pinned her down to her bed with her hands at her back. Benjie removed AAA’s short pants, panty and T-shirt. AAA struggled to free herself from Benjie by kicking the latter. Her attempt to escape from Benjie proved futile, as the latter succeeded in inserting his penis into her vagina (gi-iyot).8 AAA felt pain when Benjie’s organ was still inside her. (G.R. No. 185389 July 7, 2009 PEOPLE OF THE PHILIPPINES, Plaintiff-Appellee, vs. BENJIE RESURRECCION, Accused-Appellant.)

[9] P – Unsa may imong guibuhat paghikita nimo niadtong tawo nga miduol kanimo.
T – Misinggit ako.
P – Unsay guibuhat niadtong tawo sa imong pagsinggit?
T – Iyang guitampa ang akong baba, dayon mipatong siya kanako.
P– Unsay sunod nga guibuhat niadtong tawo sa dihang mipatong na siya kanimo?
T– Iyang guidun-an ang akong tiyan, apan kay mikisikisi man ako iyang guisumbag ang akong kilid dayon guihubo ang akong baro ug guisunod usab dayon ang akong pante.
P – Unsay sunod nga guibuhat niadtong tawo kanimo sa tapos niya paghubo sa imong baro ug imong pante?
T – Iya akong gui-iyot senyor.
P – Unsay imong guibuhat sa dihang guiiyot sa tawo?
T – Misinggit ako senyor apan guipagngan ang akong baba busa mikisikisi ako apan guisumbag na usab ug maoy nakapalipong kanako. (Italics supplied). (G.R. No. 124391 July 5, 2000 PEOPLE of the PHILIPPINES, plaintiff-appellee, vs. ELMER YPARRAGUIRE y SEPE, accused-appellant.)

[10] Accused-appellant still refused. He told the victim that he is needed at the station and, at any rate, he should stay at the station because he was drunk. This was not received well by the victim. He told accused-appellant in Ilocano: "Iyot ni inam kapi" (Coitus of your mother, cousin!). The victim alighted from the tricycle. SPO1 Eduardo Basilio did the same, went inside the office, and left the accused-appellant and the victim alone. The victim took a few steps and drew his .45 caliber gun which was tucked in a holster on the right side of his chest. Accused-appellant then fired his M-16 armalite upward as a warning shot. Undaunted, the victim still drew his gun. Accused-appellant then shot the victim on the head, which caused the latter’s instantaneous death. Accused-appellant later surrendered to the station’s Chief of Police. (G.R. No. 191913 March 21, 2012 SPO2 LOLITO T. NACNAC, Petitioner, vs. PEOPLE OF THE PHILIPPINES, Respondent.)

[11] Testifying on his behalf, Diosdado Rapanut said he was not armed on November 3, 1980 as he had previously been suspended for ten days (from November 1 to 10, 1980). He claimed that he had surrendered the gun issued for the duration of his suspension. However, he said that on the night in question, when Somera saw him, Somera asked him to go with them to Caoayan and later to take him (Somera) home to Solid West by driving the vehicle because there was no other one who knew how to drive. With them was the other accused-appellant, Julian Rapanut, who was asked by Somera to bring along an M-16 Armalite rifle which was then in the police armory. Diosdado testified that in addition Julian carried a .38 Cal. revolver. The three left for Vigan at around 7:00 p.m. in a police patrol tricycle, with Somera driving. Diosdado sat behind the driver, while Julian was in the sidecar. Diosdado said that they stopped by the Vigan Police Station and afterwards proceeded to the Caoayan Municipal building where they stayed for an hour, after which they left for Baggoc, with Somera still driving. At Baggoc, Somera looked for Remigio Polanco but did not find him and was then invited to drink. After fifteen (15) minutes, they returned to the Vigan Police Station. Then they left, to return to their station in Sta. Catalina but on the way Somera decided to stop by a wake at Cabittaogan. For this purpose, he asked Julian if he could borrow money from Julian's sister, Marcelita Alibin, which he would donate to the family of the deceased. They therefore stopped by Marcelita Alibin's house but Julian was given only P50.00 by his sister. Somera thought that the amount was too small and wanted Julian to borrow P500.00. When Julian declined to do so, Somera got angry and started cursing him ("Iyot ni inam"), and the two had an altercation. Somera stopped the tricycle, drew his gun with his left hand and pointed it at Julian, who tapped it aside. Diosdado claims that he got scared and so he got off the tricycle and ran away. While he was running away he heard gunshots. He allegedly went to Marcelita Alibin's house and told her that Julian and Somera were shooting each other. Marcelita's husband, Jovito Alibin, reported the matter to the barangay captain. (G.R. No. 106817 October 24, 1996 PEOPLE OF THE PHILIPPINES, plaintiff-appellee, vs. JULIAN RAPANUT, DIOSDADO RAPANUT, JOHN DOE and PETER DOE, accused-appellants.)

[12] Q: And then when Apiat took off your clothes as you have stated what happened next?
A: He had intercourse with us.
Q: You mean you, after he stripped you as you stated he had sexual intercourse with you?
A: Yes.
Q: What do you mean, inyot, what do you understand by iyot?
A: He placed his penis inside our vaginas.
Q: After that did you feel it when he placed his penis inside your vagina?
A: Yes.
Q: How did it feel?
A: Painful. (G.R. Nos. 116596-98 March 13, 1997 PEOPLE OF THE PHILIPPINES, plaintiff-appellee, vs. LORENZO TOPAGUEN alias "APIAT," accused-appellant.)

[13] Q: What did he do to you?
A: He mounted on me.
Q: When you said "gisakyan", what do you mean by that?
A: "Jer-jer".
Q: What is "jer-jer"?
A: Sexual intercourse (gi-iyot).
Q: Where did this happen?
A: In the house. People v. Mendoza (G.R. No. 214349; April 20, 2016)