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CIVIL CODE OF THE PHILIPPINES ANNOTATED VOL. II (PROPERTY) by Edgardo L. Paras; This book covers several doctrines on the subject of Property which have been reiterated and/or restated by the Philippine Supreme Court, by way of its most recent pronouncements. These include rules on the meaning of just compensation, the role of the judiciary in fixing said compensation, the essential features of good faith and bad faith, particularly on the matter of possession, and the applicability of the law on intellectual property vis-à-vis the Internet and cyberspace/multimedia in today’s E-Commerce Age. Table of content Title I - Classification of Property Title II - Ownership Title III - Co-ownership Title IV - Some Special Properties Title V - Possession Title VI - Usufruct Title VII - Easements or Servitudes Title VIII - Nuisance Title IX - Registry of Property BOOK III: Different Modes of Acquiring Ownership Title I - Occupation Title II - Intellectual Creation Title III - Donation
COMMENTS AND CASES ON PROPERTY by Hector De Leon & Hector De Leon Jr.; This book which is now on its sixth edition, is designed for use by law students as a basic text on the subject. Comprehensive and up-to-date, it is suitable as a reference for judges and practitioners alike. The authors have tried to discuss all aspects of every legal provision. Where appropriate, examples and illustrative cases are given, but always after the reader is provided with sufficient background of the concepts, rules, and/or principles involved. To acquaint the student with the method of judicial reasoning, selected decisions of the Supreme Court, with the facts reduced to the bare essentials, are presented in nearly complete form especially where the Court makes an analysis of related cases and compares them with the case under consideration. The result is an extensive volume which the authors hope will be found adequate to serve the purpose for which it was prepared.

PROPERTY REGISTRATION DECREE AND RELATED LAWS by Justice Oswaldo D. Agcaoili; The Property registration Decree (PD No. 1529) find its origin in the basic principle of private ownership as conferred and regulated by the sovereign. However, despite the law's wide application and far-reaching importance on property ownership, a basic understanding of its provisions remains elusive to the untrained eye. For clarity and facility of rerference, the topical annotations are organized in accordance with the provisions of the Property Registration Decree. The volume begins with a discussion of the concept of jura regalia with specific reference to Section 2, Article XII of the Constitution which ordains that all lands and all other natural resources are owned by the State. An overview of pertinent laws relative to land registration and the government agencies tasked to implemet same follows. An extensive disquisition on the titling process, from the filing of the application and issuance of the decree to its transacription in teh Registry of Property aims to provide the reader with a broad insight on the steps, formal requirements of the Torrens System.