Downloadable Commercial Law Books (PDF, e-books & EPUB)

Author: Mauricio C. Ulep
Publisher: Central Book Supply Inc
ISBN: 978-621-02-0157-4
No. Of Pages: 674
Edition: 2016

Title: Intellectual Property Law
Author: Dennis B. Funa
Publisher: Central Book Supply Inc.
ISBN: 978-971-011-523-5
Edition: 2012
Title: Philippine Admiralty And Maritime Law
Author: Atty. Eduardo Hernandez
Publisher: Central Books Inc.,
ISBN: 971-691-454-7
No. Of Pages: 1180
Size: 6"x9"
Edition: 2006 Edition
Description: The Philippines is a maritime country by nature, traditionally defined as an archipelago with over 7,000 scattered islands and separated from neighboring countries by oceans and seas. Thus, voyage through the in-land waters remains among the most economical and convenient modes of conveying passengers and goods between the major islands. In international trade, Philippine ports are useful and vital due to geography and strategic location.

A publication on admiralty cannot create a proctor; however, it can achieve desirable ends, such as a framework of a body of law developed around the operation of a single, if variegated, industry. The laws governing relations among parties and interests in maritime commerce and trade to and from the Philippines are dispersed in various codes, laws, decrees and treaties. Thus, there is a compelling need to compile Philippine maritime laws; trace their roots from the Spanish Code of Commerce of 1885 that originated from French laws that also became the basis for English maritime law, and which was extended to the Philippines in 1888; indicate the extensive Anglo-American influences; and annotate them with the latest Philippine and foreign jurisprudence that is mostly of English and American origin.

This volume is a book of convenient reference placed at the disposal for all those interested professionally or otherwise in a proper understanding and application of Philippine admiralty, maritime law, marine transportation and allied subjects, including shipowners and charterers, agents and brokers, ship captains and seamen, marine insurers and cargo interests, law students, lawyers and judges.

Title: Partnership, Agency and Trusts
Author: USEC Ernesto L. Pineda
Publisher: Central Book Supply, Inc.
ISBN: 971-691-390-7
No. Of Pages: 499
Size: 6"x9"
Edition: First Edition, 2006
Description: The author wrote this book to keep students, lawyers and judges abreast of the law and jurisprudence on the consolidated subjects. He has included recent decisions of the Supreme Court interpreting certain provisions of the law and amplifying some existing precedents.

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