FDA declares 2 controversial contraceptive implants NON-ABORTIVE

The Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) has certified two controversial contraceptive implants, Implanon and Implanon NXT, as non-abortifacient, meaning they will not cause abortions. In an advisory released Sunday, the FDA said 49 contraceptives were also certified as non-abortifacient after concluding months of re-evaluation process. Procurement and distribution of Implanon and Implanon NXT, then considered as an abortifacient, have been halted following a temporary restraining order by the Supreme Court. (FDA: Implanon, 50 other contraceptives won't cause abortion ABS-CBN News Posted at Nov 12 2017 08:54 PM)
The high court earlier said that the 2-year-old halt order will be lifted after the FDA completes its re-evaluation and re-certification on the contraceptives. “To grant its prayer to lift the TRO would be premature and presumptuous. Any declaration by the Court at this time would have no basis because the FDA, which has the mandate and expertise on the matter, has to first resolve the controversy pending before its Office,” the ruling said. (SC affirms TRO on contraceptives ABS-CBN News Posted at May 26 2017 08:19 PM)