Legal action against cheating spouse who works abroad

What if a husband who lives in the Philippines finds out that his wife, who works abroad, is cheating on him? What legal actions can he take against her?

[1] Unfortunately, if the crime is committed abroad, Philippine courts have no jurisdiction to try and convict. Hence, to charge her criminally, the husband needs to go to the place where she currently resides and to file the criminal complaint there. Note that not every country has the same criminal law.
[2] He may file an administrative charge against her before the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA).
[3] Under Part VII, Rule 1 of the Implementing Rules of Book 1 of the Labor Code, disciplinary actions may be taken against erring migrant workers. Under Rule III of Part VII, commission of a crime punishable under Philippine laws or by the laws of the host country is a possible ground for disciplinary actions.

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