Airline sued for confusing 'champagne' ads; Customer served wrong alcoholic drink

Daniel Macduff booked a holiday to Cuba through Sunwing that advertised a complimentary on-board champagne toast. Mr Macduff, from Quebec, said he received a cheaper bubbly instead - and only on the outgoing flight. The airline said it believes the lawsuit "to be frivolous and without merit". Mr Macduff's lawyer says the class action hinges on misleading marketing and not the quality of the wine served. "It's not about the pettiness of champagne versus sparkling wine," said Montreal-based lawyer S├ębastien Paquette. "It's the consumer message behind it." Mr Paquette said references to real champagne - a sparkling wine variety made specifically in the Champagne region in France - was front and centre in Sunwing's marketing materials. (Sunwing flyer sues because he got sparkling wine not champagne; 18 October 2017; A disgruntled passenger filed a lawsuit against an airline for alleged false advertising. The complainant, Daniel Macduff, took Sunwing Airlines to court after claiming that the airline did not fulfill its promise of serving a glass of champagne on his return flight from Cayo Coco, Cuba to Quebec, Canada. Instead, he was served sparkling wine, a cheaper alternative to champagne. According to Macduff’s lawyer, the purpose of the lawsuit is to bring Sunwing’s dishonest marketing practice to light, as the complainant insisted that the airline engaged in misleading advertising. Sunwing Airlines confirmed that they used terms like “champagne vacations” and “champagne service.” However, the airline clarified that they were referring to the quality of service and hospitality they provide. “Champagne,” though commonly known as a beverage, can also refer to something that is luxurious, expensive, or superior. Nevertheless, Sunwing Airlines remained unfazed and said the lawsuit will not hold water. They affirmed that they have consistently used the term “a complimentary welcome glass of sparkling wine” in all of their marketing materials and in-flight announcements. Because of this incident, Sunwing Airlines has decided to forgo the use of “champagne” in its advertising materials. (Man Sues Airline for Serving Sparkling Wine Instead of Champagne; Posted December 18, 2017 Category: Human Interest;

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