Airman license NOT a property right, just a privilege

Petitioner contends that his airman license has become a property right protected by due process and could not be taken away capriciously. Petitioner argues that due process and fair play demand that there must be a determination of his capacity by allowing him to take another examination in Weight and Balance.

As already discussed above, the ATO has complied with the minimum standards of administrative due process in investigating petitioner on the fabrication of his ATO-AEB certification and the conclusions arrived at by the ATO were supported by evidence on record and affirmed by the CAB and the Court of Appeals. Thus, the revocation of petitioners airman license was imposed in accordance with the requirements of due process. Moreover, petitioners airman license cannot be considered a property right, it is but a mere privilege, subject to the restrictions imposed by the ATO and its revocation if warranted.
In any event, the Court of Appeals is correct in ruling that whatever irregularity in the ATO proceedings was cured by petitioners filing of a motion for reconsideration. (G.R. No. 166780; December 27, 2007)