Best Part-Time Job for Law Students (Php100/hour)

Try RareJob Philippines, Inc. and earn around 100 pesos an hour. Being a law student is hard, especially when you're a professional student. You see your classmates in high school or in college already soaring high in their career and you're still there wondering whether it's Rule 65 or Rule 45. What aggravates this is that it's hard to be always asking money from mom. Worry no more! RareJob is here.

What's RareJob? RareJob is an online English school for Japanese students. Here, all you have to do is to teach English to Japanese students through Skype. If you have good English skills, good lesson skills and a pleasant attitude toward your students, you will definitely love it here. BONUS: You will get the chance to discover Japanese culture and the Japanese way of thinking. Plus, you can practice and improve your English skills here every day. READY FOR THE BAR EXAMS!

How much can I earn from RareJob? Well, RareJob often changes its rate structure especially when adjustments have to be made to incentives and other programs in order to motivate tutors to work harder. Nevertheless, currently, it's 100 pesos per hour of teaching.

If you need money for your law school fees and book loans, and if you have what it takes, APPLY NOW.

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