Doubtful FB page represents itself as Cherish Sharmaine Interior

A Facebook page wants to make it appear that a legitimate account of Ms. Cherish Sharmaine Interior who has recently gone viral for slapping a taxi driver and breaking his side mirror.

Philippine Star reports, "On Saturday, a video of Doctor and Interior’s road argument became viral after netizen Joshue Baluyot posted it online. In the viral video, Interior was seen blocking Doctor and punching him in the face. She also tried to dismantle the taxi’s side mirror. In a press interview on Monday, Doctor claimed the altercation started along Congressional Avenue when he tried to overtake Interior’s vehicle. Interior then confronted him and hit him in the face." (Taxi driver files raps vs attacker caught on road rage video ( | Updated December 19, 2017 - 1:00pm; Rosette Adel) Below is a (last) photo edited by Philstar.

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