F: Compilation of All Legal Doctrines in the Philippines

Falsus in Unum, Falsus in Omnibus
Fair Comment
Fair Use
Finality of Judgment
Forum non Conviniens
Facio ut des facio ut facias
Fortuitous event
Financial rehabilitation
Foreign corporations
Fraud in performance
Future fraud
Future negligence
Future negligence
Freedom from vs. Freedom to vs. Freedom of
French rule
Fungible goods
Final withholding tax
Fringe benefits
Fruit of the poisonous tree
Fiduciary capacity
Fresh period rule (Neypes Rule)
Fiscal adequacy
Final assessment notice
Forum shopping
Final and executory
Filial privilege
fait accompli
Filipino first policy
Free on board (FOB)
Forgiveness (Condonation)
Force majeure
Fear of imminent bodily harm
Fair Market Value
Firsthand Knowledge
Frustration of the commercial object or Frustration of enterprise