Get PROPERTY by Rabuya

This is the first revision of this book after it came out in 2008. ( Since then, significant developments in the Subject, in the form of new rulings and doctrines from the Philippine Supreme Court, have impelled this writer to update his work. In this revised edition, the author discussed important Supreme Court rulings up to early 2016, the most notable of which is the case of Heirs of Mario Malabanan v. Republic (2009), which clarifies some principles and rules relating to properties of public dominion and patrimonial properties of the State. The author also explained the “limited” and “expanded” definition of builder in good faith, concepts which were expounded by the Court in recent cases. In addition, the author made further clarification of concepts and principles presented in the book with the hope that its users will have a better grasp of those ideas. Finally, the author wishes to extend his heartfelt appreciation to all who patronized his work, to those who spoke of kind words in relation to it and to all who, in one way or another, contributed to this work through their comments, criticisms, and questions. The author earnestly hopes that this revised edition will be received in the same way as its initial release.