Gov't to fight fake news by educating high schoolers

Starting later this month, the Italian government will be rolling out a program to 8,000 high schools across the country that teaches students how to deal with fake news. In addition to training students how to identify fabricated stories, Italian journalists from national broadcaster RAI will also contribute to lessons on how not to disseminate fake news and conspiracy theories, how to demand evidence from those sharing questionable sources, and to always remember things on the web can be manipulated. Italian officials hope the lesson plans will serve as a defense against fabricated information that can be weaponized to sway elections and undermine democratic norms. (Italy Is Teaching Students How To Spot Fake News by Britni Danielle; October 19, 2017)

Italy has reportedly launched a program to instruct students how to handle a deluge of false information and conspiracy theories in the digital age. The Italian government is working with web giants, including Facebook, to teach the kids how to verify news by looking for sources and evidence, according to The New York Times. “Fake news drips drops of poison into our daily web diet and we end up infected without even realizing it,” Laura Boldrini, an Italian journalist and politician who helped launch the project, told the Times. (Italian schools’ newest class: Detecting fake news By Joe Tacopino; October 18, 2017 | 5:27pm | Updated)

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