I: Compilation of All Legal Doctrines in the Philippines

Imperfect Cause of Action
Immunity from suit
Immutability (Inalterability) of Final Judgment
Implied municipal liability
Implied trust
Ignorantia Juris non Excusat
ignorantia facti excusat
Implied Powers
Implied Terms of a Contract
In Absentia
Inherent Jurisdiction
Inherent Powers
Internal Affairs Doctrine
Incorporation Doctrine
Informed Consent
independently relevant statements
Incompatible offices
In pari delicto
Inverse condemnation
Interlocking confessions
In articulo mortis
In flagrante delicto
In loco parentis
Incomplete testimony
Imminent danger
Incomplete self-defense
Imputed Negligence
Implied repeal
implied waiver
immunity from arrest
Implied admission
Incapable of pecuniary estimation
Incompetent evidence
international juridical double taxation
indelible allegiance
integrity in principle
implied condonation
Individual bargaining
Impossible crime
Indeterminate offense
Indeterminate sentence
Instigation (vs. Entrapment)
impeccable moral integrity
impossible condition
impartial court
indispensable cooperation
inherent impossibility
inevitable discovery
iron curtain
Inherent limitations on taxation
interlocking director
Implied warranties
Infection (International Law)
inappropriate provision
indefeasibility of torrens titles
in forma pauperis
incontestability clause (insurance)
indispensable party
inadvertent discovery of the evidence
immediate vindication
involuntary servitude
intestate succession
intervening cause
irresistible force
Incurability (Psychological Incapacity)
imperium in imperio
Impuris manibus nemo accedat curiam
Irreparable injury (PAL vs. NLRC)