Checks Off, Agency Fees, Union Shop, Closed Shop

No requirement of written authorization from the non-union employees is needed to effect a valid check off. Article 248 (e) makes it explicit that Article 241, paragraph (o), requiring written authorization is inapplicable to non-union members, especially in this case where the non-union employees receive several benefits under the CBA.(G.R. No. 170112; April 30, 2008)

The collection of agency fees in an amount equivalent to union dues and fees, from employees who are not union members, is recognized by Article 248 (e) of the Labor Code . . .  (G.R. No. 170112; April 30, 2008)
It is State policy to promote unionism to enable workers to negotiate with management on an even playing field and with more persuasiveness than if they were to individually and separately bargain with the employer. For this reason, the law has allowed stipulations for "union shop" and "closed shop" as means of encouraging workers to join and support the union of their choice in the protection of their rights and interest vis-à-vis the employer. (G.R. No. 149552; March 10, 2010)

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