(Atty. Paulino D. Ungos, Jr., Atty. Paulino Q. Ungos, III; The authors realize the time constraints encountered by every student of Labor Law Review and those reviewing for the bar examinations. This book attempts to address the predicament. The subject is topically arranged and presented in a simple manner for easy reading. Simple as it is, the presentation is comprehensive because the provisions of law are cited and correlated, thereby making it a compact reading material.
TABLE OF CONTENTS • Recruitment and Placement of Workers • General Working Conditions • The Statutory Leaves • Special Working Conditions for Special Types of Employees • Wages • The 13th Month Pay Law • Occupatioal Health and Safety • Employees Compensation • The Social Security Law • The Home Development Fund Law of 2009 • The National Health Insurance Act of 1995 • The Right to Self-Organization • Labor Organizations • Legitimizing the Labor Organization • The Collective Bargaining Agent • Collective Bargaining Negotiations • Strikes • Picketing • Lockout • National Interest Disputes • Intra-Union and Inter-Union Disputes • The Right to Security of Tenure • The Prerogatives of Management • The Just Causes for Dismissal • The Authorized Causes for Termination of Employment • Constructive Dismissal • Voluntary Resignation • Abandonment of Employment • Temporary Lay-Off • Retirement From Service • Voluntary Arbitration • Compulsory Arbitration • Appeal • Extraordinary Remedies • Injunction in Labor Disputes • Execution of Labor Decisions

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