STRIKE as Powerful Weapon of the Working Class

The right to strike is one of the rights recognized and guaranteed by the Constitution as an instrument of labor for its protection against exploitation by management. By virtue of this right, the workers are able to press their demands for better terms of employment with more energy ad persuasiveness, poising the threat to strike as their reaction to the employer's intransigence.
The strike is indeed a powerful weapon of the working class. But precisely because of this, it must be handled carefully, like a sensitive explosive, lest it blow up in the workers' own hands. Thus, it must be declared only after the most thoughtful consultation among them, conducted in the only way allowed, that is, peacefully, and in every case conformably to reasonable regulation. Any violation of the legal requirements and strictures, such as a defiance of a return-to-work order in industries affected with public interest, will render the strike illegal, to the detriment of the very workers it is supposed to protect. Even war must be lawfully waged. A labor dispute demands no less observance of the rules, for the benefit of all concerned. (G.R. No. 101858; August 21, 1992)

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