What is a shop steward?

[1] A shop steward is appointed by the union in a shop, department, or plant and serves as representative of the union, charged with negotiating and adjustment of grievances of employees with the supervisor of the employer.

[2] A shop steward may be an elective official within the union or key administrative personnel, and it is considered to be within the same class as union officers, agents and representatives.
[3] Since the Shop Steward is a union position, the controversy surrounding his recall from his position as Shop Steward becomes a dispute within the union. An “Internal Union Dispute” or intra – union conflict refers to a conflict within or inside a labor union. It includes all disputes or grievances arising from any violation of or disagreement over any provision of the constitution and by – laws of a union.

[4] TMI, and not on grounds under labor laws. Though the end of the contract between the DA and TMI was not the ground for the withdrawal of De Raedt from the CECAP, De Raedt was disengaged from the project upon the instruction of SGV’s client. (G.R. No. 161366; June 16, 2009)

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