2017 Bar Examiners; Rumors prove to be true re: RIANO behind remedial law exam

2017 Bar Examiners:

[1] Comm. Mehol Sadain (Political law)
[2] Justice Francisco Acosta (Labor law)
[3] Atty. Arturo de Castro (Civil law)
[4] Leonor Boado (Taxation)
[5] Atty. Raul Vasquez (Mercantile law)
[6] Atty. Alexander Padilla (Criminal law)
[7] Atty. Willard Riano (Remedial law)
[9] Justice Mario Lopez (Legal ethics)

This year, there will be 1,724 new lawyers. 25.55% of last year's takers passed. The 2017's Top 1 got 91.050 and the tenth placer go 88.400.

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