9 Sources of Labor Laws in the Philippines

[1] PD 442, as amended by RA 6715
[2] Concept of labor and Three Fields of Labor Law; Four Systems of Labor
[3] Omnibus Rules, as amended by DO No. 09, Series of 1997 and DO No. 40—3, Series of 2003, as amended by DO Nos. 40-A-03, 40-B-03, and 40-C-05
[4] Supreme Court decisions (Art 8, Civil Code)
[5] Basis and Limitations in the enactment of labor laws
[6] Types of labor laws legislation: protective; welfare or social; diplomatic, administrative
[7] Effectivity of labor laws, rules and regulations (Art.5; Art 2, Civil Code; EO 292)
[8] Rule on the Implementation and Interpretation of labor laws 9Art.4); see also Art 1700 (Relation between capital and labor), and Arts. 1701 and 1702 of the Civil Code
[9] Tripartism in decision and policy making bodies of government (Art. 275)

SOURCE: Batch ‘09_Labor Law Review, Page 1

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