Alleged scammer Xian Gaza surrenders

Xian Gaza surrenders today to Malabon police after the court issued him two warrants of arrest over alleged investment scam. | via Kate Javier Story to follow:
Xian Gaza, the man behind a billboard date proposal that went viral but failed, surrendered to Malabon police on Thursday, April 12, over charges linked to an alleged investment scam. Gaza made the announcement on his own Facebook account mid-morning on Thursday. "I'm Christian Albert Gaza known as Xian Gaza, surrendering today," he said, linking both his second Facebook profile and an official fan page. He faced an arrest warrant for refusing to show up before a Malabon court that's hearing a complaint filed against him by Jaime Asuncion and Melinda Cruz. The two accused Gaza of duping them into investing in a coffee shop that he was working on. NEWS SOURCE: Xian Gaza surrenders to police, asks for bail help; Published 2:44 PM, April 12, 2018 Updated 2:46 PM, April 12, 2018;

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