Download REVIEWER ON CIVIL LAW by T.B. Aquino

This work is designed to provide candidates for the Bar Examinations and Fourth year students of Law, with core knowledge of Civil Law and jurisprudence. It restates in a concise manner the statutory provisions, requisites, rules and doctrines laid down by the Supreme Court and other basic materials on Civil Law. (

It also includes topics that were included in the past bar examinations as well as sample bar examination questions. Problems based on cases are likewise included as study guides.

In addition to the New Civil Code provisions, related special laws are included and areintegrated in the discussion.
Table of Contents (

• Persons and Family Relations
• Property
• Wills and Succession
• Obligations and Contracts
• Contract of Sale
• Lease and Contract for a Piece of Work
• Common Carriers
• Partnership
• Agency
• Aleatory Contracts, Compromise and Arbitration
• Credit Transactions
• Quasi-Contracts
• Quasi-Delict, Other Torts and Damage

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