It provides students with the stat-of-the-art developments in Sociology, Anthropology and Political Science. The materials include the most recent developments in these fields including, but not only limited to, feminism, globalization, new information technology, and new social movements. (

It incorporates many recent findings and analysis as well as the current debates in these fields as they bear on the concepts and paradigms mentioned in the textbook.

It includes and incorporates the research dimension of the social sciences so as to initiate the students to fieldwork and various methods of doing research.

It also provides timely and significant activities, suggested readings and exercises - both individual and as a group to integrate the new acquired and learned materials.

This textbook is not just a presentation of the recent developments in the social sciences but a provocative text that will challenge students to think beyond the traditional and commonsensical understanding of the world by exposing them to different ways of seeing and slicing the world-through Sociology, Anthropology, and Political Science.
Table of Contents (
Unit I: The Origin and Nature of the Social Science, Anthropology, Sociology and Political Science
Unit II: The Society on the Individual
Unit III: The Individual In Society
Unit IV: Culture and Society
Unit V: Politics, Power, and Society

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