Like CJ Sereno, J. De Castro accused of having missing SALNs: only 15 out of supposed 39

Private individual named Jocelyn Acosta writes to Solicitor General Calida to initiate a similar quo warranto proceeding against AJ Teresita Leonardo De Castro on basis of allegedly submitting only 15 out of a total 39 SALNs from her years in public service. Story up on in a bit.

A private citizen is urging the Office of the Solicitor General to initiate quo warranto proceedings against Supreme Court Associate Justice Teresita De Castro on grounds similar to that of the ouster plea against Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno. In a letter sent to Solicitor General Jose Calida Friday, Jocelyn Acosta said De Castro only submitted 15 out of 39 statements of assets, liabilities, and net worth in her nearly 4 decades in the government. (SolGen urged to nullify Justice De Castro's appointment over missing SALNs; ABS-CBN News Posted at Apr 20 2018 12:33 PM;

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