Employment of Minor Househelpers


Working children

This term refers to Kasambahays who are fifteen (15) years old and above but below eighteen (18) years old.

General prohibition

It shall be unlawful to employ any person below fifteen (15) years of age as Kasambahay.

Benefits of working children

Working children shall be entitled to minimum wage, and all benefits provided under R.A. No. 10361, the Batas Kasambahay, which include access to education and training.

Employment of working children

Pursuant to R.A. No. 9231, working children shall not be subjected to the following:

[1] Work for more than eight (8) hours a day and beyond forty (40) hours a week;
[2] Work between ten o'clock in the evening and six o'clock in the morning of the following day; and
[3] Work which is hazardous or likely to be harmful to the health, safety or morals of children, as defined under existing laws and regulations.