Househelpers for Hire


A Kasambahay can be hired by the employer directly or indirectly through a licensed PEA. A “Private Employment Agency (PEA) ” refers to any individual, partnership, corporation or entity licensed by the Department of labor and Employment (DOLE) to engage in the recruitment and placement of Kasambahay for local employment.

Cost of Hiring

The employer shall shoulder the cost of hiring of a Kasambahay, whether he/she is hired through a licensed PEA.

In no case shall the recruitment or finder's fees be charged against the Kasambahay. “Recruitment and finder's fees” refers to charges or any amount collected by the licensed PEA from the Kasambahay for his/her recruitment and placement.

Deployment Expenses

The employer, whether the Kasambahay is hired directly or through a PEA, shall pay the expenses directly used for his/her transfer from place of origin to the place of work. The employer may recover deployment costs from the Kasambahay whenever he/she leaves without justifiable reason within six (6) months from employment.

"Deployment expenses" refers to expenses that are directly used for the transfer of the Kasambahay from place of origin to the place of work covering the cost of transportation, meals, communication expense, and other incidental expenses. Advances or loans by the Kasambahay are not included in the definition of deployment expenses.

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