Teacher fired after bullying her (high school principal) husband's SEXUAL harassment victim

A complaint was filed by Luz Catenza, a high school teacher of Divine Word College, for illegal dismissal. She alleged in her complaint that she went on a vacation leave but that when she tried to report back to work she was informed that she is not anymore allowed to teach because of the "misdeeds" and "immoral acts" of her husband Pablo Catenza, then the principal of petitioner school.

[Divine Word High School] stress[es] that their main reason in terminating [the employment of Luz Catenza], was not because of the immoral conduct of her husband [Pablo Catenza], but because of her act of covering-up the alleged immoral conduct, by advising and/or persuading Miss Remie Ignacio not to report the supposed immoral conduct of [Pablo]. (G.R. No. 72207)
A careful review and evaluation of the entire records of the case show clearly that complainant was dismissed without a valid cause. ALL throughout the records of the case it is very apparent that the main reason she was dismissed was because of the alleged immoral conduct of her husband. Granting that allegation is true, there being no clear showing that complainant's husband was ever investigated or convicted of the serious act alluded to him, why should his wife be made to suffer for her husband's indiscretion and infidelity. (G.R. No. 72207)

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