Sec. 108. Where notice must be sent. - Act 2031

Where a party has added an address to his signature, notice of dishonor must be sent to that address; but if he has not given such address, then the notice must be sent as follows:

(a) Either to the post-office nearest to his place of residence or to the post-office where he is accustomed to receive his letters; or
(b) If he lives in one place and has his place of business in another, notice may be sent to either place; or
(c) If he is sojourning in another place, notice may be sent to the place where he is so sojourning.
But where the notice is actually received by the party within the time specified in this Act, it will be sufficient, though not sent in accordance with the requirement of this section. (Negotiable Instruments Law; Act 2031)

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