Section 24. Use of driver's license and badge. - R.A. 4136

Every license issued under the provisions of this Act to any driver shall entitle the holder thereof, while the same is valid and effective and not suspended or revoked, to operate the motor vehicles described in such license: Provided, however, That every licensed professional driver, before operating a public service motor vehicle registered under classifications (d) to (j) inclusive of Section seven hereof, shall secure from the Commissioner, upon payment of the sum of one peso, a driver's badge which he shall, at all times while so operating a motor vehicle, display in plain sight on the band of his cap or on his coat or shirt. Such driver's badge shall be of metal with a plainly readable number assigned to the licensee stamped thereon.

It shall be unlawful for any duly licensed driver to transfer, lend or otherwise allow any person to use his license for the purpose of enabling such person to operate a motor vehicle.

No owner of a motor vehicle shall engage, employ, or hire any person to operate such motor vehicle, unless the person sought to be employed is a duly licensed professional driver. (Land Transportation and Traffic Code; R.A. 4136)

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