WATCH: John Oliver calls Duterte "disgusting" for OFW kiss, vagina comments

ROUGH TRANSCRIPT: Let's move on to the Philippines the Southeast Asian island daddy's not the teenage and club for Prince Phillip he's so dreamy it's his birthday today but we've talked before about their president authoritarian strongman an aspiring Street Fighter 2 character Rodrigo Duterte who's who's already gained notoriety for supporting extrajudicial killings as part of his war on drugs well this week he demonstrated the same level of nuance to gender relations excuse may just be a kiss sometimes but not when the Philippine president is delivering it a spokesman for Rodrigo Duterte says the president's kissable woman on stage was an act of endearment toward Filipino workers in fairness to deter tonight it was an active agreement towards Filipino workers he's certainly a more creative justification for that sort of behavior than when you're a start they let you do it and and for what it's worth that clip didn't really do justice to just how uncomfortable the build-up to that kiss actually was [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] that felt so grotesque the MTV Movie Awards have Brett to actively nullified every Best Kiss winner with a press release saying given president de cera takes recent actions we can no longer condone kissing of any kind every kiss is now the worst kiss now many of the Philippines were understandably upset by this but today's legal counsel insisted the whole incident was charming the kiss was to my mind an endearing kiss coming from a fan who was so tickled pink when he had the opportunity she did it willingly and excitedly she was tickled pink
okay please stop saying tickled pink I know it's not technically a dirty phrase but you're making it absolutely disgusting and second fan or not she repeatedly pulled away from him sometimes women just don't want to kiss you I'm clearly not speaking from any sort of personal experience here I just have a deep-rooted punch about it and this incident is just the tip of the iceberg regarding to tennis alien sexual politics back in February Tom's a group of Filipino workers don't use condoms because they don't feel good which is not great advice in a country facing an HIV epidemic and that same month he gave a group of soldiers are horrifying suggestion for how to deal with female rebels tell the soldiers the women tell them call them and tell them the mayor has a new order not to kill you just shoot you in the vagina so no more vagina you're useless okay so let's be clear about one without a vagina you're useless is not just appalling it's also a searing indictment of anyone who stuck walking around with this ridiculous thing instead I mean look at it does anybody find this cool there's not a single person in this room coming thinking what a spiffy little gizmo were all gazing upon he keeps that image on the screen forever now as for the outcry over his kissing stunt this week de Ternay claims that it was all perfectly innocent I can only generate an emotion if I kiss a woman I love any other ginger is pure she'll be your shop is now instinctively you want to say that that's a terrible excuse but given everything that we've learned in the past year about the entertainment industry pure showbiz might just be the perfect description of what is happening there

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