Cashwagon uses "fake" Atty. Ralph to collect dues

The real Atty. Ralph A. Sarmiento, through his Facebook page, Bar Exam Online Coach & Mentor, issued the following notice to the public.

[QUOTE] This is to give notice to the public that I am not in any way connected with Cashwagon Philippines or with any law firm, company, or collection agency that is trying to collect overdue accounts for and on its behalf. I am also not the owner of cellphone number +639653683125, which is being used by some impostors to text people using my name. There is also no other Atty. Ralph A. Sarmiento in the Roll of Attorneys.

The attached photos are screenshots of a text message received from +639653683125, which used my complete name. The recipient of the message immediately informed me, and I called the number and looked for myself! Yes, it was really kinda weird to call a number and look for yourself. A guy answered me and when I asked for myself, he told me that Atty. Ralph A. Sarmiento was still at a hearing. Of course, I had no scheduled hearing this morning. Haha
I also find it amusing that while they are trying to collect supposed overdue accounts, they are citing Section 20 of Article III, which states: "No person shall be imprisoned for debt or non-payment of a poll tax." This shows that these impostors do not actually have any real legal education.

I requested for a return call (from myself). However, when I tried to call up again after an hour, they must have already identified my real number and they blocked my number.

If you receive any message from said cellphone number or any similar message using my name, please report it to me and to the proper authorities. Thank you. [UNQUOTE] SOURCE: