Congressional Oversight of Tax Chief - R.A. 8424

(A) Submission of Pertinent Information to Congress. - The provision of Section 270 of this Code to the contrary notwithstanding, the Commissioner shall, upon request of Congress and in aid of legislation, furnish its appropriate Committee pertinent information including but not limited to: industry audits, collection performance data, status reports in criminal actions initiated against persons and taxpayer's returns: Provided, however, That any return or return information which can be associated with, or otherwise identify, directly or indirectly, a particular taxpayer shall be furnished the appropriate Committee of Congress only when sitting in Executive Session Unless such taxpayer otherwise consents in writing to such disclosure.
(B) Report to Oversight Committee. - The Commissioner shall, with reference to Section 204 of this Code, submit to the Oversight Committee referred to in Section 290 hereof, through the Chairmen of the Committee on Ways and Means of the Senate and House of Representatives, a report on the exercise of his powers pursuant to the said section, every six (6) months of each calendar year. (Section 20 of the Tax Reform Act of 1997; R.A. 8424)

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