Duterte: I don't like the transitory provisions; don't want to stay in office after shift to federalism or be reelected

[1] A consultative committee was created in order to draft a new, federal constitution.
[2] Said committee has already issued the final draft of the constitution.
[3] However, President Duterte does not agree with its transitory provisions. He wants them to be changed.
[4] Duterte wants to be barred from office upon the taking effect of the federal document and to be barred from reelection thereafter.
NEWS: President Rodrigo R. Duterte on Monday has approved “in toto” or as a whole the draft Federal Constitution and will endorse it to the Congress, except for the transitory provisions which he wants amended.

Ding Generoso, spokesperson of the Consultative Committee (Concom) tasked to draft the Federal Constitution, confirmed this a few hours after the President received the proposal allowing a shift to a federal system of government. SOURCE: Duterte approves Federal charter except transitory provisions; By PTV News - CD; Posted on July 10, 2018; https://www.ptvnews.ph/duterte-approves-federal-charter-except-transitory-provisions/

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