PRRD to rice hoarders: "Consider yourselves warned"

NEWS BY PTV: President Rodrigo R. Duterte on Monday issued a stern warning against rice traders engaged in hoarding and cartel operations, who are being blamed for the artificial rice shortage that leads to high rice prices.

"I now ask all the rice hoarders, cartels and their protectors, you know that I know who you are: stop messing with the people. Power sometimes is not a good thing. But I hope I will not have to use it against you," Duterte said during his third State-of-the-Nation Address (SONA) delivered before Congress. SOURCE: Duterte warns rice hoarders, cartels By PTV News - CD - July 24, 2018;
NEWS BY ABS-CBN: President Rodrgio Duterte on Monday warned traders against attempting to manipulate rice prices through hoarding.

During his third State of the Nation Address, Duterte said the government is releasing P149 billion in social aid this year to help the poor cope with the rising prices of basic goods, but that "no amount of subsidy can help the poor if some businesses take advantage of their situation to make more money." SOURCE: Duterte warns rice cartels: Stop messing with the people; ABS-CBN News Posted at Jul 23 2018 06:35 PM | Updated as of Jul 23 2018 08:15 PM;

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