Insurable Interest in Marine Insurance

Section 102. The owner of a ship has in all cases an insurable interest in it, even when it has been chartered by one who covenants to pay him its value in case of loss: Provided, That in this case the insurer shall be liable for only that part of the loss which the insured cannot recover from the charterer.

Section 103. The insurable interest of the owner of the ship hypothecated by bottomry is only the excess of its value over the amount secured by bottomry.

Section 104. Freightage, in the sense of a policy of marine insurance, signifies all the benefits derived by the owner, either from the chartering of the ship or its employment for the carriage of his own goods or those of others.

Section 105. The owner of a ship has an insurable interest in expected freightage which according to the ordinary and probable course of things he would have earned but for the intervention of a peril insured against or other peril incident to the voyage.
Section 106. The interest mentioned in the last section exists, in case of a charter party, when the ship has broken ground on the chartered voyage. If a price is to be paid for the carriage of goods it exists when they are actually on board, or there is some contract for putting them on board, and both ship and goods are ready for the specified voyage.

Section 107. One who has an interest in the thing from which profits are expected to proceed has an insurable interest in the profits.

Section 108. The charterer of a ship has an insurable interest in it, to the extent that he is liable to be damnified by its loss. (The Insurance as Amended; R.A. 10607)

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