Duterte: At 16, I killed someone; "nagkatinginan lang"

NEWS BY PHILSTAR: President Duterte said this as he reiterated his stance against illegal drugs that has caused a major stir among human rights activists here and abroad due to over 3,000 drug-related deaths.

But presidential spokesman Harry Roque Jr. downplayed the Chief Executive’s statements.

"I think these were in jest. The President uses colorful language when with Pinoys overseas," Roque said. xxx

"Rambol dito, rambol doon – at the age of 16, may pinatay na ako. Tao talaga. Rambol. Saksak. Noong 16 years old iyon, nagkatinginan lang. Eh lalo na ngayong presidente na ako. (I stabbed someone during a rumble – I was 16. I killed him. We didn’t like how we looked at each other. What more now that I am President)?" he said. SOURCE: Duterte: I was a killer at age 16; Christina Mendez (The Philippine Star) - November 10, 2017 - 4:00pm; Read more at https://www.philstar.com/headlines/2017/11/10/1757782/duterte-i-was-killer-age-16#uKQES6yT6q3Y5jTL.99

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