PRRD: I promise to stop comments vs. Church

[1] Between the Catholic Church and President Duterte, many hurtful comments have been said.
[2] The Catholic Church has always been against the administration's war on drugs and pro-LGBT programs.
[3] President Duterte, in a speech, even called the Catholic Church' god stupid.
[4] The President agreed to have a one-on-one meeting with the CBCP President.
[5] Harry Roque reported Duterte's promise to stop negative comments against the Church.
NEWS: President Rodrigo Duterte has agreed not to talk about the Catholic Church after his one-on-one meeting with Catholic Bishop Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) President Romulo on Monday, according to Palace Spokesperson Harry Roque. “PRRD agreed to a moratorium on statements about the church after the meeting. It was a one-on-one meeting,” Roque said in a text message to Palace reporters. SOURCE: PRRD agrees to halt remarks about church: Palace; By PTV News - AT; Posted on July 9, 2018;

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