Roque: Duterte protects people, does not promote killings

“There is no culture of impunity in the Philippines as we do not condone any state-sponsored killing,” Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque said in a statement. He gave this comment in response to the growing idea that the Philippines has become more deadly under the Duterte administration.

Recently, mayors and vice-mayors have been killed, usually shot dead, in different parts of the country. Some of them have been labelled by the President as "narco-mayors" or local leaders involved in drug trade.
“Our people have acknowledged the President as ‘the protector of people,’ as evidence by surveys giving him high satisfaction, approval, trust and performance ratings,” Roque added.

For example, Tanauan City Mayor Antonio Halili was shot dead by a marksman (according to the police but a sniper according to witnesses) while attending the city hall’s flag-raising ceremony while General Tinio, Nueva Ecija Mayor Ferdinand Bote was killed in an ambush in Cabanatuan City the following day. MORE NEWS ON THIS: No culture of impunity in PH, Palace maintains; By PTV News - AT; Posted on July 4, 2018;

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