PRRD can't discipline Mocha because of her 5M followers?

Even Senator Koko and Senator Tito, obvious allies of President Duterte, have issued statements against the recent blunder of Mocha Uson: the pepe-dede video promoting federalism. Despite this, MalacaƱang has yet to issue a statement pointing out the apparent lack of professionalism on the part of Mocha.

Because of this, there has been a growing concern that the Duterte administration has accidentally made Mocha the untouchable figurehead of the Duterte agenda. Has Mocha achieved a position of more influence than the President? Has Mocha become beyond reproach because of her 5,000,000 followers on Facebook who may turn against Duterte if he says anything to criticize her?
NEWS BY ABS-CBN: Communications Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson will lose her relevance if she continues to ignore public feedback on her work, Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque said Monday.

Asked if Uson is above reproach, Roque told ANC's Headstart: "She’s not."

"She will pay a very heavy price if she does not control herself, because I think a big chunk of the population have expressed disagreement with what she’s doing and if she continues to ignore these, she will become irrelevant," he told ANC's Headstart. SOURCE: Mocha Uson not beyond reproach, says Roque; ABS-CBN News; Posted at Aug 13 2018 12:32 PM | Updated as of Aug 13 2018 12:45 PM;

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