Drafter re: Mocha as fed gov lecturer: "ingay lang, hindi kailangan ng clown, dapat seryoso" (video)

PAMPAINGAY LANG? | Tutol ang isang miyembro ng Consultative Committee sa planong pagkuha kay PCOO Asec. Mocha Uson sa information campaign tungkol sa Federalism. For more latest stories, visit us at www.news5.com.ph. [One of the members of the Consultative Committee (Concom) does not agree with the plan to appoint Mocha Uson to lead the information campaign which aims to spread awareness regarding Federalism.]

SOURCES: https://www.facebook.com/News5Everywhere/videos/1304570446366373; Pagiging Federalism lecturer ni Asec. Uson, inalmahan ng miyembro ng ConCom; Published on August 02, 8:16 PM by News5; www.news.tv5.com.ph

FR. RANHILIO AQUINO: I will stop writing my Primer on the ConCom draft because I have been told that Mocha Uson will explain it to the nation for us. Now, I know how bad things really are.

You use actors, actresses and Mocha when you want something raved about. That's called finagling. But when you want people to understand and to discern, you get serious and you ask the clowns to return for the intermission. SOURCE: www.facebook.com/rannieaquino/posts/2126387497390862

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