Smartmatic boss helped Cory get power in 1986

NEWS BY MANILA TIMES: A bit of information that was not mentioned in the bio-data of Smartmatic Chairman Mark Malloch Brown, as posted on the company’s website, was that he was the close media adviser and speech writer of the late Corazon Aquino. He was then disguised as a foreign correspondent in the "snap" elections that led to the 1986 People Power Revolution in the Philippines.

He may even have played a very crucial role in Cory Aquino’s ascent to power in 1986, according to an authoritative book on that episode. SOURCE:
MARK MALLOCH BROWN & CORY AQUINO: In the Philippines, Malloch Brown worked with Corazon Aquino in the campaign against the Ferdinand Marcos dictatorship. On election day, Malloch Brown wrote Aquino's victory speech which she recited days before voting results were to be released since her campaign assumed that Marcos claim victory as well. He stated that an "outstanding accomplishment during the Cory campaign was to produce an exit poll that indicated that she had won" since other polls released showed that Aquino had been less popular than Marcos. Since then, it has been reported that Malloch Brown has formed a close relationship with the Aquino family and Corazon's son Benigno Aquino III. SOURCE:,_Baron_Malloch-Brown#Philippines

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