9K will take this year’s exam; Behind the statistics, actual stories of sacrifices - E. Rabuya #Bar2018

Prof. Elmer Rabuya on Facebook: Roughly about 9,000 will take this year’s bar examinations. 9,000 names. 9,000 faces. But behind the statistics are actual stories of sacrifices. Of hopes and dreams.

To the 2018 bar candidates, remember your own story. Recall the sacrifices you have made. Fight for your hopes and dreams in every word and in every sentence of your answers to the bar examination questions. The rest of the story is still to be written. Make it a happy ending!

May the Almighty bless with you with good health and wisdom during your four weeks of examinations!

The Civilist Elmer T. Rabuya is the author of civil law textbooks. SOURCES: https://www.facebook.com/attyetrabuya; https://www.facebook.com/erabuya

For his books, please visit https://www.rexestore.com/property-law-book/539-property.html.

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