"Duterte has proclaimed himself better than God"

How did we become cowards? SOURCE: Francisco S. Tatad (2017). A mere political crisis or a ‘crisis of saints’?. January 6, 2017. The Manila Times. https://www.manilatimes.net/mere-political-crisis-crisis-saints/305418/

How did President Rodrigo Duterte turn us into a nation of weaklings and cowards, who hypocritically praise what we despise? In the eyes of the Western media, which Pravda and the Chinese counterpart of Time magazine are trying to balance in DU30’s favor, over 100 million Filipinos have fallen under the thumb of a dictator who has suppressed democracy, subverted the rule of law, made a mockery of human rights, and proclaimed himself better than God.

The story is known to all. But it is the foreign press that is telling our own people and the outside world about it, while our own media establishments choose to keep the narrative a tightly guarded secret. They would rather create a portable altar where they burn incense to their false god and drown him in political praise. The most passionate panegyrists try to overwhelm him with the most saucy sophistry and fallacious speeches, while taking care not to brush against any first principles or sacred text.
I am not talking here of a President who is perceived to have stolen the election—-there has since emerged a counterclaim that the unparalleled fraudulence attributed to Marcos in 1986 was, in fact, perpetrated by anti-Marcos operatives and made to appear as the handiwork of Marcos. I am talking here of a President who was elected by 38 percent of the voters, but who has in six months covered the nation with the blood and corpses of drug suspects executed without due process, and wrought unparalleled violence in a time of peace. Some columnists and editorial writers call him a “good President.”

Francisco "Kit" Sarmiento Tatad is a Filipino journalist and politician best known for having served as Minister of Public Information under President Ferdinand Marcos from 1969 to 1980, and for serving as a Senator of the Philippines from 1992 to 2001. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Francisco_Tatad

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