Law expert: Constitution allows BOC militarization

[E]ven should the miitary take over operations of the BOC, the latter would remain a civilian agency of a civiian government.

There is an express constitutional prohibition against the designation of military personnel to civilian positions. But there is NO OBSTACLE to calling on the military to oversee operations of any agency within the Executive Branch to see to the faithful enforcement of law. The military per se cannot take over the Department as this is not the military's constitutionally assigned role. The most that the military can be assigned to do is to oversee operations to ensure compliance with and enforcement of laws and to prevent lawlessness including rampant smuggling and traffic in contraband.

Managerially, I wonder however what there is to be gained by this maneuver. Will military officers or personnel be any more efficient, honest, transparent? Will this not invite suspicion that the failings if not crimes of former military officers now appointed to these agencies are to be covered up, their tracks wiped clean, by their former colleagues and subordinates still in active service?

SOURCE: Ranhilio Callangan Aquino. THE MILITARY IN THE GOVERNMENT. October 30 at 3:48 PM.
Fr. RANHILIO C. AQUINO Fr. Rannie did his Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy degree at the Faculty of Arts and Letters, University of Santo Tomas and graduated in 1978 summa cum laude. He went on to do a Master of Arts in Philosophy degree at the same university, completing it in 1981, summa cum laude.

SOURCE: Ranhilio Calangan Aquino.